CNG Trailer

Since 2015 two new CNG trailers, manufactured by Gföllner Fahrzeugbau und Containertechnik, entered operation at RAG. These trailers have been supplying RAG.ERDGAS.MOBIL customers with high quality (approx. 99% methane) compressed natural gas. Following the withdrawal from service of a trailer last year after many years of reliable use, procurement of the new trailers ensured state of the art operations. It also enabled us to meet the rising demand for mobile energy supplies – we now have a total of seven trailers, each with a capacity of 5,500 cubic metres (nominal volume), available to provide emergency supplies or supply gas installations that are not connected to the grid. The RAG.ERDGAS.MOBIL team will be happy to answer any enquiries about the new trailers or provide you with a quotation.

Technical specifications of the new trailers:

Manufacturer: Gföllner Fahrzeugbau und Containertechnik GmbH

Type: SSO 3/24L

Operating pressure: 200 bar

Filling capacity: 5,330 cu m (nominal volume)

Fill weight: 3,890 kg

Unladen weight: 27,740 kg


We offer the following equipment:

  • CNG trailers each with capacity of 5,500 cu m (nominal volume)
  • CNG cylinder bundles, each with capacity of 300 cu m (nominal volume)
  • Gas pressure control systems with gas preheating

These systems are filled at our dispensing points, delivered to you, connected, commissioned and, if required, operated by our qualified staff.


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