LNG – The fuel of the future

Transportation plays an essential role in a functioning economy.

All medium and long term forecasts predict growth in the volume of road traffic, especially heavy goods traffic. Global, European and national climate protection targets aim at a reduction in emissions produced by vehicles.  The use of gas as a fuel can make a major contribution to achieving these targets, since vehicle traffic contributes about 45% of emissions..

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RAG opens Austria’s first liquefied natural gas filling station (Press release 26.9.2017)

Construction of first liquefied natural gas filling station in Austria begins

The groundbreaking ceremony for Austria's first liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling station took place on 6 July 2017.

The project is an example of RAG’s work towards establishing LNG as an environmentally friendly fuel for trucks. The site on Donaustrasse in Ennshafen was chosen because of its ideal location in central Upper Austria. 

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Fill up with domestically produced natural gas in Kremsmünster

  • At an open day on 10 September 2016, RAG gave visitors the chance to look around its new natural gas filling station in Krift, Kremsmünster
  • The public forecourt is open to business and private customers 24 hours a day
  • Domestic natural gas – from the region, for the region
CNG filling station Kremsmünster


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Gas – the environmentally friendly fuel

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  • 50% cut in refuelling costs
  • Almost no nitrogen oxide emissions
  • No fine particulate emissions
RAG CNG filling stations

Kremsmünster CNG filling station

This filling station has been open to private and business customers 24 hours a day since 1 June 2016. Payment can be made by Maestro card or credit card.

Construction work on the new natural gas filling station in Kremsmünster began in mid-March 2016. The state-of-the-art CNG filling station was erected at RAG’s site on Schlierbacher Strasse, between Kremsmünster and Wartberg.



in comparison with petrol

New CNG trailers for mobile gas supplies

Since 2015 two new CNG trailers, manufactured by Gföllner Fahrzeugbau und Containertechnik, entered operation at RAG. These trailers have been supplying RAG.ERDGAS.MOBIL customers with high quality (approx. 99% methane) compressed natural gas. Following the withdrawal from service of a trailer last year after many years of reliable use, procurement of the new trailers ensured state of the art operations. It also enabled us to meet the rising demand for mobile energy supplies – we now have a total of seven trailers, each with a capacity of 5,500 cubic metres (nominal volume), available to provide emergency supplies or supply gas installations that are not connected to the grid. The RAG.ERDGAS.MOBIL team will be happy to answer any enquiries about the new trailers or provide you with a quotation.



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Natural gas – fuel that is economical, safe and clean

Natural gas has been used as an especially economical, safe and clean vehicle fuel in Austria and around the world for decades. Methane, principally from natural sources, biofuel production or converting renewable solar and wind energy, is compressed so that it can be dispensed at filling stations. This standard product, compressed natural gas (CNG), is now available at many filling stations in Austria and Europe.